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The Benefits of Dual Diagnosis

One thing many people do not realize is that substance abuse is not just a physical addiction. Many people who do suffer from addiction to drugs and alcohol often have underlying mental health issues such as depression which are often exacerbated by substance use. The process of treating both someone’s mental health as well as their substance abuse is called dual diagnosis and it is the preferred method of many addiction treatment centers. Treating just the substance abuse is not effective because those with mental health issues have higher rates of relapse than other people once they leave the treatment facility. It can be difficult to treat both because addiction counselors must differentiate between what is a pre-existing mental illness and what issues were cause by the substances themselves. Often hallucinations are caused by drugs such as a LSD or mushrooms so they would not count as pre-existing. Depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia are all example of illnesses which develop on their own and are often intensified by drugs and alcohol.

The dual diagnosis process is different for every person. For how similar human beings can be, everyone follows their own unique path to sobriety. There are a few constants which are observed regardless of the patient however. The first step for anyone when addiction treatment begins is detoxing. Getting all of the drugs and alcohol out of your system is paramount to the recovery process. You cannot move on to the other steps if you are still under the influence. Detox is different for everyone depending on what drugs they were addicted too and for how long they used.  Once the detox process is complete, then the patient can move on to the counseling portion of rehab where specially trained addiction treatment specialists will help that person understand why they began using in the first place and how they can remain clean in the future.

When it comes to dual diagnosis, there’s no better place than the Christian Drug Detox Helpline in Naperville, IL. The professional addiction treatment counselors are knowledgeable and eager to help someone reach their ultimate goal of a sober life. In treating both substance abuse and mental illness through the process of dual diagnosis, treatment counselors can decrease the probability of a relapse. Many people choose to self-medicate when it comes to their mental illness, but in many cases it just makes everything worse. Dual diagnosis is one of the most effective ways to manage substance abuse perpetuated by mental illness.

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