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Teenage Prescription Drug Use

It’s no secret that those who begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol at an early age are far more likely to carry their substance abuse habits into adulthood. Teens are one of the most studied groups in America. We look at their eating habits, sleeping habits, social encounters, classroom performance and of course, drug and alcohol abuse. Many parents struggle with the thought that they’re teenage child is using drugs and alcohol. While straight up drug testing is usually reserved for drastic measures, many parents sit down with their children in order to educate them on the dangers of using drugs and alcohol. Even the most informal discussion can go a long way in influencing a teenager to make positive decisions.

The good news in many studies of teenage drug and alcohol use is that teens are using illicit drugs less than they were in the past. This seems like a good thing right? Well actually only illicit drug use is on the decline and the use of prescription drugs is higher than it’s ever been. There are plenty of reasons why teens choose to use prescription drugs in a recreational setting. First of all is the ease of access. In order to buy marijuana or cocaine, a teen must seek out a drug dealer. This doesn’t always work out as planned so it leaves teens searching for other options. Why not try the medicine cabinet at home? The way doctors are prescribing pills these days your teen will probably find something worth trying. Opiate painkillers are the top prize when it comes to medicine cabinet raiding, but anti-anxiety medication such as Valium or Xanax have recreational value as well. Chance are if there isn’t anything in the medicine cabinet at home, why not check Grandma’s? The elderly are usually prescribed multiple medications and they usually don’t keep their pills under lock and key.

Since so many more teens are turning to prescription drugs, there are several things you can do to help curb that behavior. First and foremost is talk to your teen. After you’ve done that, it’s probably also smart to keep your prescription medications in a safe and secure place that’s out of sight. Under the bathroom sink may be out of sight, but it’s far from safe and secure. It’s also not wise to advertise that you have pills people may want, as robberies surrounding prescription medications are also on the rise. If you suspect your teen may be abusing drugs or alcohol, call the addiction specialists at the Christian Drug Detox Helpline in Naperville, IL right away. The professional addiction counselors know the best and most up to date techniques when it comes to helping someone meet sobriety.

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