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Christian Drug Detox Helpline Naperville, IL; Celebrity Rehab is Not Like the Real Thing

T.V. doctors are all the rage these days. You’ve got Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, and of course, Dr. Drew. “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” is a popular show on VH1 about a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for celebrities in Pasadena, California. The show, which just finished its 6th season, centers on celebrities trying to reach sobriety. The show has received both praise and criticism, although due to recent events the talk has been mostly negative.

On February 17, 2013, former participant Mindy McCready died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. McCready, who was only 37 years old, was a country music star with a laundry list of addictions including Oxycontin, alcohol and Xanax. While it doesn’t appear as though drugs and alcohol were a factor in her death, the fact remains that this is the fifth patient of Dr. Drew to die in the last two years. This factor has many claiming that Dr. Drew isn’t actually doing much for his patients. The fact of the matter is that drugs are dangerously addictive and can be lethal.

Rehabilitation clinics are all over the United States and 99.9% of them do not have a camera crew recording a patient’s every move. Reaching sobriety is not about television ratings and creating a watchable show, it’s about a person making a positive change in their lifestyle. Rehab clinics should be places where people feel safe and accepted, not harassed and exposed. Do you really think it’s conducive to getting clean when you’ve got a camera in your face the whole time? When all of America can see your every move? Every character flaw exposed for all to see? No, this is a terrible environment for a person to reach sobriety. You would think that this type of environment would actually cause a person to want to use drugs and alcohol.

It’s not that Dr. Drew and his staff at the Pasadena Recovery Center are not well trained addiction treatment counselors. Rather it’s that a T.V. show’s primary concerns are ratings, not the actual people on the show. A true rehabilitation center is not focused on ratings or making money, it’s about helping people who desperately need it. Whether it’s a program involving steps, disease model, or client-centered approaches, they all put their patient’s health and safety first.

Rehab centers like the Christian Drug Detox Helpline in Naperville, IL are equipped to handle all types of drug and alcohol addiction. The trained professional counselors are up to date on the most recent addiction treatments and can help someone reach a better life through sobriety.

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