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Christian Drug Detox Helpline Naperville, IL: What to Know about Prescription Drugs.

Some of the most dangerous and addictive drugs out there are the ones you pick up at a pharmacy. It’s true. The past few years has seen a huge increase the in the number of people addicted to prescription drugs. There are a multitude of medications that are used and abused, but the most common seem to be painkillers and anti-anxiety medications. Doctors are prescribing these medications at an alarming rate and it’s not uncommon for patients to turn around and sell their pills at an incredibly high rate. Some pills, such as the powerful painkiller Oyxcodone, can sell for $100 per pill. That makes a script of painkillers incredibly valuable on the streets. The problem is, with the drugs in such high demand and selling for such a high price, many addicts turn to crime in order to fund their habit.

Robberies fueled by prescription drug abuse are on the rise all over the place. In many cases, the theft involves taking money or other valuables from someone’s home or vehicle. Sometimes the robbers go right for the final product, targeting people and homes which they know contain the medications they are after. Elderly people are the most at risk for these types of crimes because they are an easy target. The elderly are not going to be able to put up a fight against an intruder and they are the most highly medicated group. Many of these robberies are not random either. It is not worth the risk of breaking into a home that may not contain drugs, so they target those whom they know have what they want.

Many prescription drug abusers are young adults looking to get high. It’s easier for them to head to the medicine cabinet rather than go out looking for somewhere to get alcohol or other drugs on the streets. Proper handling of medication is paramount when dealing with pills with a high risk of abuse. Keeping your medications in a secure place such as in a safe or lockbox is vitally important. Having dangerous drugs just sitting in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom is never a good idea. If you have prescription drugs that you do not want or need, there are proper ways to dispose of them. Most hospitals or police stations will take unwanted medications and dispose of them in the proper manner. Flushing them down the toilet is another method, but it’s probably not good for the water supply.  

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, please contact the addiction counselors at the Christian Drug Detox Helpline in Naperville, IL immediately. It could save a life.

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